Ludlow w/ Poor Calvin, Katelynn Tomney
Presented By Harmonica Dunn


Poor Calvin, Katelynn Tomney

Ages 21+
Doors at 8PM // Music at 8:30PM // 21+

Harmonica Dunn Presents:


w/ Poor Calvin, Katelynn Tomney

Ludlow is an indie-pop/folk band from Chicago, Illinois. Taking influences from songwriters like Gregory Alan Isakov, Conor Oberst, Benjamin Gibbard and others, Ludlow delivers a sound that comprises an array of instruments and layers of vocal harmonies to accomplish a big, melodic sound that’s full of depth.

The journey to create Ludlow was a long one, and began in a small town in Midwest Ohio. Ludlow takes its name from a school in that town that songwriter Mark Schoeck attended as a child, and as the project initially served as a method of self-examination, the name fit the music.

In early 2016, Mark had been playing open mics throughout Chicago with little progress. He began testing out new recording equipment with a friend, tracking many of the songs he had been playing around the city. The result was Siren on the Shore, Ludlow’s first collection of songs.

Mark was introduced to Josh Noble and Maria Noble Kloess, and the three of them began playing as a trio at venues in Chicago, Indi-

anapolis, and Kalamazoo, MI. The band added bassist Eddie Canga and multi-instrumentalist Bridget Smith in 2018, and played their biggest show to date at Chicago’s Metro in August of ‘18.

With the release of their EP Sunset Blues, Ludlow shifts their sound to feature more vocals, more percussion, and adds instruments from trumpet to cello and more, evoking a sound similar to bands like Fleet Foxes, Frightened Rabbit, Blind Pilot, and The Oh Hellos.

Ludlow plans to continue playing shows throughout the Midwest and across the country as they prepare even more new music.

Venue Information:
Tonic Room
2447 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL, 60614