This Week Ahead: Monday, October 28th- Sunday, November 3rd

Monday’s Round Table Jam

We’re keeping Mondays funky with a live jam. Come sit in with us, or sit back and watch, everyone is welcome!

Feat. Carl “Mojo” Kennedy on keys, Dan “Flava” Kristan on the bass, Anthony “Golden Boy” Bracco on 6-string and the one and only Robert Dicke “Doozem” on the drums.

Monday October 28th, 2013
21 & Over
















80’s 90’s Dance Party

DJ ELLIVEN + FRIENDS Spinning 80’s & 90’s Classic Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Top 40, House & Electronic!


Tuesday October 29th, 2013
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Comedy Music Explosion

Featuring Dandrell Scott, Big Keef, Lyssa Laird, Ricky Gonzalez, and Seph Money


Everyone loves comedy. And everyone loves live music! So what happens when they are combined into one show?! Comedy Music Explosion, bitch! Hosted by Dandrell Scott, with sounds by DJ Rated AG!

On October 30….You’re gonna get the finest comics, and the best comedy music known to man. The first half of the show is strictly stand-up, featuring comedians Ricky Gonzalez, Lyssa Laird, and Keith Bigkeef Jackson!!!

All of a sudden, the event switches into a music concert with Rap artist Seph Money! Then comedy rapper Dandrell Scott will perform comedy songs from his new mixtape, “Broke and Still Telling Jokes.”

Tickets are only $5 and drink specials are $3. Show starts at 8:00PM. There will be FREE CD giveaways and prizes!

Wednesday. October 30th, 2013
Doors: 8:00PM
Show: 8:30PM
21 and Over

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Magic Box

Featuring The Shams Band as RATTLED A Traveling Wilburys Tribute, and Steve Leaf & The Ex Pats as Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers

Come celebrate Halloween at Illinois’ 4th Most Haunted Bar, Tonic Room!

History of the Tonic Room:

Ever since the Roaring ‘20s, the building now home to the Tonic Room has had a colorful history that lends itself to tales of the paranormal. A brothel was once located in the upstairs apartments, and the tavern was a popular hangout for a North Side Irish gang. When they first opened their establishment, the owners of the Tonic Room discovered Egyptian iconography painted on the basement ceiling and a pentagram painted on the basement floor, leading to speculation that it had been a meeting place for an American chapter of the Golden Dawn. One elderly woman claimed to have witnessed a ritual murder there in the 1930s when she accompanied her father to a secret meeting. According to author Ursula Bielski, patrons and staff have reported seeing apparitions in both the basement and the main bar.


Read more about the History of Tonic Room here:

Thursday, October 31st, 2013
21 and Over

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Flock Brand Release Party

Featuring live performances by Roy Kinsey, Killa Clint, Johnny Fonseca, Walter J. Liveharder, and JedSed

Established in 2011, Flock Brand is based off the idea of like-minded people coming together in support of each other. Products can be purchased at

Playing sold out shows using his charismatic presence, Chi-Town’s own Roy Kinsey is rapidly ascending, staking claim as one of the city’s hottest young MC’s. He has immediately built up his reputation by bringing a fresh & honest perspective, incorporating clever & thought-provoking lyrics with an effortless flow, appealing to all kinds of fans. He is set to release his 2nd album, R.O.Y Fall 2012.

Friday, November 1st, 2013
Doors 8:00PM
Show 9:00PM
21 and Over

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Harmonica Dunn & Liquid Karma Presents:

Cosmic Railroad

Featuring Catfish & the Dogstars, and Borrowed Bicycle

Cosmic Railroad is a jam band based out of southeastern Wisconsin, born sometime in 1999. As the story goes, all the guys in Cosmic Railroad were involved with their own respected bands. These bands would book shows together from time to time, then they began having a jam session at the end of those nights, consisting of everybody from both bands at once. Sometimes you would have four guitar players, two bass players, two drummers, a percussionist and a whole slew of singers all at once on stage, throwing it down. This is when the idea of “Cosmic Railroad” was conceived. At first, the bands would cover a lot of tunes from “The Grateful Dead, Phish, Dylan, etc.” Then, as things started to take off even more the bands thought it would be a good idea to learn each other’s songs so they didn’t always have to play cover tunes when they got together. Over time, they did away with the other bands and started to book shows as Cosmic Railroad. This is what they’ve been doing since.

Formed during the early summer of 2011, Catfish & the Dogstars has quickly garnered a solid fan base and earned a great deal of acclaim gigging throughout the city of Chicago. With members hailing from different backgrounds, the group produces a uniquely blended sound of blues, funk, fusion, and roots music. Classically trained violinist Najeeba Syed brings a refined and dark intensity to the melodies alongside guitarist Mike Morgan– whose intricate song writing and powerful playing are a driving force of the band. The result is a high energy, raw and original experience. Catfish & the Dogstars is sure to bring together an assortment of unique sounds, palatable to fans from all walks of life.

Borrowed Bicycle is a five-piece grassroots ensemble that is based around Rock, Funk, Folk, Reggae, bluegrass and Jazz music. Yet the music goes beyond the general limitations of those genres and creates a sound uniquely performed. With drone keys, and growling saxophone the band displays a new age approach to a soulful sound. The expressions of the drums are absolutely whimsical, but fall back into grooves that everyone can love. Borrowed Bicycle emphasizes on soulful vocals and harmonies. This band is heavily steeped in the American Improvisational process, but brings a good form a structure to its expressions as artists. Imagination, culture, and songwriting are where we pedal our way through the music and create earthly sounds of wonder.

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
Doors 8:00PM
Show 8:30PM
21 and Over

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Artwork by: Nick Argoudelis


Sklut & Weston

Featuring Drew DeFour

Sklut & Weston is piano and guitar Chicago original music, influenced by New Orleans and Americana.

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
21 and Over

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