This Week Ahead: Monday, October 14th – Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Monday’s Round Table Jam 

We’re keeping Mondays funky with a live jam. Come sit in with us, or sit back and watch, everyone is welcome!

Feat. Carl “Mojo” Kennedy on keys, Dan “Flava” Kristan on the bass, Anthony “Golden Boy” Bracco … 6 string and the one and only Robert Dicke “Doozem” on the drums.

Monday October 14, 2013
10:00 PM   •  21 and over



Featuring Luke Henry and The Mountainer

Wildlife is five friends from Toronto – five energetic, adventurous, youthful barbarians who held their first concert in a haunted ballroom on the Isle of Pines on the St. Lawrence River. As the name implies, Wildlife is very much a contingent of spirited Canadian mountain children. Quite simply, Wildlife likes to have fun (whether that means making you cheer, dance, jump, clap, shout or scream-cry), and the band is keen on creating a big, sweaty sound that captures what it is to be young and vital.

Tuesday October 15, 2013
8:00 pm
21 and over

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80s 90s Dance Party

DJ ELLIVEN + FRIENDS Spinning 80′s & 90′s Classic Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Top 40, House, & Electronic!


Tuesday October 15th
10:30 PM   •  21 and over


Chicago Songwriter Alliance #8

With Special Guest: Jim Bianco

Hosted By: Donnie Biggins

Also Performing:
Michele McGuire
Steven Leaf
Matthew Campbell
Sarah Jane Goldstein
Brian Sharpe
Steve Stone

DJ Sets By: Mr. Gac & Cotton Fantasy

Throughout his career, Jim Bianco has drawn inspiration from, what some might consider, untraditional sources. Whether it was an elevator operator in Tokyo, a stalker in Hollywood, a wedding in Tennessee, or a sinner in church, his songs have twisted their way out of his head and into the hearts of the people who have heard them. His music, though unconventional, has garnered attention from the likes of NPR’s Mountain Stage, NBC’s Craig Ferguson, HBO’s True Blood, and the Getty Museum, to name a few.

Music is supposed to be fun, exciting, thought provoking and daring. On every live performance, The Shams Band makes sure that their audience leaves each concert with a personal feeling of satisfaction. Drawing heavily from their Kinks, Rolling Stones, and Wilco influences, singer/songwriter Donnie Biggins creates distinct, personal songs. Once completed with unique four-part harmonies, the songs come to life, tell stories, and send audiences singing all the way home.

Michele McGuire is an indie folk singer-songwriter from Chicago. The debut album, Mid-Western, is the 23-year-old’s view of growing up on Chicago’s South Side as well as traveling the rest of the country. “I think being from the Midwest is a really funny place to be from, because you don’t really have a ‘thing.’ You could be anything,” McGuire says.

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
8:00 pm | 21 and over


In La Kesh 

Featuring Redd Hare

Established in January of 2013, In La Kesh brings a seasoned lineup of musicians and a massive repertoire of original and cover material. Perhaps most easily described as a “jamband”, In La Kesh pulls from a variety of influences. Known not only for their countless original tunes, you can also hear In La Kesh covering The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, and other “kind” music extensively. Be sure to expect something different and refreshing every show.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013
8:00 pm
21 and Over

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 Grandkids Record Release

Carbon Tigers, Great Life

Tonic Room is excited to release Grandkid’s debut album Timeshare! In an interview with Under The Gun, Vivian McConnell spoke of the new record:

“Timeshare has been such an awesome thing for us. I think, for a while, we were really pulling our weight as a live band but didn’t have an accurate representation in a recording, which was really tough. Timeshare took us approximately 2 years to make and some of the songs that are on it are even older than that. I really like this about the album because it captures a lot of our maturation and growth as a band. It’s much more mature than previous recordings — it’s way closer to what we want Grandkids to be sonically. At the same time, it’s super eclectic and all over the place sometimes, which I also love. We put a ton of time and effort into it and it’s definitely a huge step for us. We set out to make a killer album, or at least something we are proud of, and I think we did.”

Friday, October 18th, 2013
8:00 pm
21 and Over

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Kentucky Knife Fight

Featuring Rivals of the Peacemaker and Whiskey Folk Ramblers

Kentucky Knife Fight have grown along with the city, returning after relentless touring with an increasingly acute perspective of the hardships inherent in St. Louis life. Like the scene itself, they have seen their own youthful angst become introspection and insight; what were once accidental riffs have become anthems; and opening for national acts have yielded performances that were not only memorable, but mattered. Their music is world-weary but hopeful; grace is never enough to save the unsavory; and just because you love something doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

Saturday, October 19th, 2013
8:00 pm
21 and Over
$8 – $10

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Silver Wrapper Presents! – Late Show


Twiddle, a Vermont-based quartet, spins tall-tales over an intricate soundscape of hi-def shred. They have started a frenzy on both coasts, composing complex arrangements that conjure up Coltrane, Ranglin, and Zappa. Obliterating the laws of improvisation, Twiddle delivers spectacular climaxes, defiantly weaves through genres, and never fails to leave a crowd lusting for more. It is three-dimensional music. You can see it from all sides, and even serve it to your guests. It’s Twiddle. Tasty.

 Saturday, October 19th, 2013
11:00 pm
21 and Over

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Antonio Lulic 

Featuring Young Heirlooms and Baby Money

Raised in the North East of England, son to a South American exile and a lass from the pit village of Trimdon, Antonio Lulic is a folk-rock singer-songwriter whose deep and gravelly vocal combines with a powerful yet intimate lyrical style to deliver passionate and uniquely soulful music. It’s perhaps because of this humble beginning that Antonio is no stranger to hard work. Since the release of his debut EP, ‘Becomes Unstoppable‘, at the start of 2010, Antonio has toured relentlessly; performing for audiences all over London, up and down the UK, across Europe and all over the USA, building a loyal fanbase spread across the globe.

Young Heirlooms is a new take on the evolution of folk music. With a focus on creating cerebral, well-composed music, Young Heirlooms is set out to mix your emotions with a wall of sound. Expect a choir of vocal harmonies similar to that of a Brian Wilson record. With songwriting influenced heavily by todays artists like Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes, Young Heirlooms brings a new element of shoegaze with melodic theatrics to their music amounting to something truly new and inspiring.

Sunday, October 20th, 2013
8:00 pm
21 and Over

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