John the Conqueror

MADDChicago 1 Year Anniversary Party!!

John the Conqueror

Sol Cat, Audiences

Sat, April 20, 2013

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

These tickets only apply to MADDChicago's 1 Year Anniversary and are not related to the late show that evening with DJ Izzo, Mano, & Freddie Gibbs.

John the Conqueror
John the Conqueror
When a Mississippi blues man walks into a big city bar and has a drink,
starts on a downward spiral of sex and drugs to the soundtrack of
Nirvana, Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age, John the Conqueror is born. Effortlessly fusing early blues lyrical styles, pentatonic mastery and the riff heavy sensibility of the early 70's, John the Conqueror is an old soul in a new world while being a fresh breath in a room of stagnant air. Singer/guitarist Pierre Moore and drummer Michael Gardner have been playing the blues together since their early days in the backwoods of Mississippi. After a few years in Atlanta, they managed to find their way to Philadelphia, met up with bassist Ryan Lynn and took their roots and rocked them.
John The Conqueror will be released October 16th through Alive Naturalsound Records in the following formats: CD, Digital and Black Vinyl, as well as Limited Edition Colored Vinyl exclusive to mailorders.
Sol Cat
Sol Cat
There is no such thing as a landlocked island, except the one where Sol Cat seems to live. It’s like a place where the mind isn’t fully aware of its surroundings, and confusion welcomes the creativity it inspires. Sol Cat’s eponymous self-released debut album doesn’t necessarily transport you to South Florida from Nashville, TN, but that is an appropriate enough concept. If Music City defines firm lines between genres, Sol Cat’s album champions redistricting, creating challenging new sounds in this arena of the traditional.

Think of a midnight drive somewhere warm, certainly the top is down, and yes, a beauty is in the passenger seat. The six-piece band suggests you can take this foggy, dreamlike scenario with you wherever you go. However, Sol Cat finds its own contentment and happiness in the valleys of Middle TN, grateful for the opportunity to tap into the mystical and spiritual musical foundation on which the land is built. The Athens of the South has an appeal any artist can feel — an enticing, drawing temptation.

Before relocating, Sol Cat’s members spent their time across the country, Miami to Los Angeles, New York City to The Gulf of Mexico. Musical influences span just as wide, yet an eclectic and oceanic resonance remains prevalent in their sound. Smooth grooves along the lines of George McCrae mix with semi-psych synth layers, while the likes of The Talking Heads and Laid Back inspire bouncy bass and slick guitar riffs.

With such a range of cultural and artistic influence, the creative process is equally interesting. Vocalist and writer Brett Hammann steers the musical direction of the band while guitarist Johnny Fisher leads the group into new and uncharted territory. Drummer Ryan Usher provides the rhythmic backbone for bassist Aaron Martin, who also acts as Sol Cat’s Art Director. Lead guitarist Jaan Cohan brings catchy licks and skills to melt any face, leaving keyboardist and studio engineer Jeremy Clark to play intuitively as the music essentially produces itself.

The group is now prepared and eager for the road, with its groundwork set for the message to spread. The Sol Cat sound is not as unfamiliar as it is forgotten; and those feelings and emotions poured into music past are ready to gracefully wash over a new generation.

-Pedro Sanchez III
"Audiences are "a group of people who participate in a show or encounter a work of art; music" and refreshingly this four piece band of Chicagoans don't exclude themselves from that classification. In lieu of taking the stage as if they're doing those in the crowd a favor, Audiences walked into Schubas ready to share an experience, not just dish one out.

Describing the style of music Audiences plays is a challenge. This is a band that is almost a living, breathing Rosetta Stone to understanding other genres, one that takes snippets of everything and allows listeners to piece together an understanding of styles they may not have been familiar with through ones they already recognize.

In one moment Audiences is singing falsetto harmonies to a rollicking 70's groove, nearly going into full fledged disco mode but pulls themselves back into the realm of the modern day with mellifluously astral guitar riffs that scream indie rock. Tinges of Via Audio's taste for vintage dance music and the beach-y carefree quality of bands like Polaris come into play in Audiences music, but even that description fails to properly capture what I heard at Schubas.

Audiences is a band that has enough in common with bands like Vampire Weekend and MGMT to easily become a favorite among trend inspired listeners but enough legitimate musical proficiency to keep from turning off the music fan who doesn't give a damn about the Hipster Top 40.

Sitting in the venue, it was a little surprising to hear such a big sound coming just four guys and a couple of guitar pedals, which perhaps may have been the most impressive part of the entire evening.

With three of the most basic instruments you'd find in a band lineup- bass, guitar and drums- Audiences paint their songs with broad, sweeping strokes of bright melody before texturizing their sound with epic swells and wailing riffs.

This is a band you truly have to hear for yourself to understand the capacity of, but more so, I'd recommend going out to see them."

-Sam Gordon (Reviewsic: Music worth talking about)
Venue Information:
Tonic Room
2447 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL, 60614