Tim Fite

Tonic Room 10 Year Anniversary Party!!

Tim Fite

Mos Scocious, Daddy Issues

Thu, February 7, 2013

8:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Tim Fite
Tim Fite
Tim Fite is an artist and a true original. His music defies easy categorization. Esquire Magazine recently referred to Fite as, "one of rock 'n' roll's most subversive renaissance men." This March 6th Tim Fite will be releasing Ain't Ain't Ain't on ANTI- Records. It is the best record of his career.

Fite currently resides in Brooklyn where he makes musical and visual art. His fine art has been exhibited at galleries in NYC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Puerto Rico. He recently finished his "12 Months Rent" printmaking series where he created an edition of 50 prints each month for a year, selling all 600. "Finding printmaking was a pivotal moment in my creative life," Fite explains. "In it, I discovered a synthesis of art-making and machine labor that I had always dreamed of. This informed my approach to music as well, where technology and imagination maintain a healthy co-dependence."

Fite's musical catalog has addressed a wide array of subjects including: love, death, injustice, poverty, greed, dirt, rats, heaven, hell, freedom, blood, shopping, shooting, barbers, mistakes, police and teenagers. These themes have been imaginatively visualized in Fite's multi-media stage-show; a darkly whimsical affair that deftly merges music, illustration, video, and light carpentry. In the past Fite has shared stages with the likes of Man-Man, Les Claypool, Azure Ray, Porter Wagoner, St. Vincent, Fleet Foxes and others.
Mos Scocious
Mos Scocious
With the release of their debut L.P. "Ibble Dabble", Mos Scocious has set the bar with their special blend of Freak-Funk. This power trio gets the dance party going with music unlike anything you've ever heard. Combining a mixture of crunchy riffs, stunning vocals and a driving rhythm section, Mos Scocious embodies the energy of the good ol' rock and roll era with the funk of the Chicago underground. "The world needs your music", praised Chicago blues legend Corky Siegel. Formed 3 years ago, by 3 musicians with an appreciation for every genre of music. Rob Dicke, Bradley Butterworth, and Josh Rosen blend funk, rock & roll, blues, hip hop, jazz, and soul to bring you their groovin' tunes that will keep you movin' and beggin' for more. Every Mos Scocious show is an experience you won't get anywhere else and will never forget.
Venue Information:
Tonic Room
2447 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL, 60614