Facing Winter

Harmonica Dunn Presents

Facing Winter

Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire, Red Collar Radio

Fri, January 25, 2013

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Facing Winter
Facing Winter
“These songs make me feel like I'm a streaker at a football game. Sure, it's entertaining and exhilarating to run across a field naked in front of thousands of people ... but it's also terrifying. Needless to say, it's gonna be a lot of fun touring this year.” - vocalist/guitarist Justin Birchard, describing Facing Winter's forthcoming album.
Despite a busy live schedule in 2011, Facing Winter has been hard at work in the studio and will debut two new projects this year. The first will be an EP of new material titled “Opt Out.” This six-song collection will be released April 23rd, 2012, on an enhanced disc featuring an HD music video for the single, “October.” The EP will also feature several of their older music videos.
The second of Facing Winter's 2012 releases will drop this September. It'll be a full-length album of new material and will be promoted with two new music videos. While finishing the album, the band continues to perform regularly in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Later this year they have several tours planned, including their first trip to the West Coast.

What do they sound like? Hannah Frank, publicist for Chicago Acoustic Underground, said: “The first thing I notice about their sound is its lushness and professionalism. Facing Winter has a true “pop” sound that immediately catches your ear and doesn't let go. Like a distant cry you heard – but not sure you heard just right – it takes your ear up a notch.”
The group plays a thoughtful, guitar-driven style of indie rock. The vocals are smooth but fragile, often unconventional and with no shortage of harmonies. The rhythm section is intricate and tight, but still manages to convey a warm recklessness. Together the band has an approachable sound which appeals to a broad spectrum of fans.
“Hearing Facing Winter is like making love to a thunderstorm,” said Tony Massih, talent buyer for Cairo Bar and Oasis Cafe in West Chicago.
Best Media Now's JD Mathys described the band as “more than just entertaining; their songs are equally rewarding for both the critic and the casual listener.”
Lyrically, common themes include overcoming adversity, dream-hunting, laughing at life's problems, and the emotional highs and lows brought on by various relationships. Through the years, lyricist Justin Birchard has become known for his sincere and poetic approach to real-life topics.

The story of Facing Winter has no obvious beginning. The group is based in West Chicago, Illinois, and has four members: Justin Birchard, Jeff Goluszka, Dan Perdue, and Brad Jewison.
Dan and Justin were friends before they could tie their shoes, and began playing music together in junior high. The two have been heavily involved in the Chicago music scene ever since. Justin is the group's primary singer and guitarist. Dan's focus has mostly been on bass and auxiliary instrumentation. Both are multi-instrumentalists and frequently change roles while recording and playing live.
Jeff Goluszka entered the picture in 2003 and immediately became the band's full-time drummer/percussionist. A short time later, Jeff and Justin became roommates and built a recording studio in West Chicago. Together the pair have worked tirelessly recording albums, playing tours, and promoting the local music scene. With a drumming style that's driving, emotive, and well-executed, Jeff has long been one of the highlights of Facing Winter's live show.
Brad Jewison is the youngest and most recent addition to the group. Joining the others during late 2011, he immediately added a palpable layer of excitement to the band's live performance. Also a multi-instrumentalist, Brad's presence creates a bigger sound and a host of new creative options on stage.

What else? Facing Winter frequently performs both acoustic and rock shows at venues of all types. They have over 50 original songs and can perform for up to 3 hours. As people, they are professional, personable, and determined. A quote by Chris Darby of SixtyYearsWar.com sums it up nicely: “Facing Winter is the hardest-working band I know. Their work ethic borders on obsessive. They are concerned only with creating the best music they possibly can. And their results can best be described as perfection.”
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